For many years now I have been fascinated by the foundry process, blacksmithing and engineering.  Having now had hands on experience with all these things I can appreciate that that early interest was warranted!

I began my current working life restoring iron work, predominantly fireplaces, in various reclamation yards before moving onto to a specialist fireplace restoration company.  Throughout these years I had been given several cooking ranges to restore and something about them captivated my interest.  So much so that I usually worked through my lunch hours and long into the night on certain restorations- a model employee!

With a cooking range the history of those that had relied on them day after day is tangible, ranges were the heart of the home and all of the daily chores would have been catered for by them.  From washing and ironing to proving and baking the lifeblood of a family, company, crew or regiment would have dependant entirely on a cooking range and their success and development at least in part, owes itself to them.

That said I’m sure many a scullery maid would curse these accolades having to wake with the sun to black the range and then lay the fire!

Here at O.J.Osborne & Co. we can advise, source, restore and refit all sorts of shapes and sizes of cooking range.  From tiny 20″ wide examples designed for guards huts and living wagons to the large open fire ranges of the grand houses of the early 19th century.

We have an ever expanding catalogue of patterns and work closely with the foundry and forge to provide accurate, high quality spares and replica parts so are restorations are faithful to their history and of the highest quality.

All aspects of the restoration process are catered for from the sourcing and acquisition of a specific range to the finial fitting, we’re here to help!

All the best,