18th Century Range

I'm currently working on a decorative replica of a late 18th century range for a hotel on Great Pultney Street, Bath. It is loosely based on the one present at No1 The Circus, Bath. Although the budget did not allow for it to be faithful to the original design of these early range grates I feel we have managed to create an authentic aesthetic that will be a compliment to the building and a nod to its working past. Here is the range at No1 and mine slowly taking shape.

Here's a quick pic of my hard at work in the forge. I am in the process of making some components for a replica 18th century range and a chimney crane for an 1840's Coalbrookdale open range.

Dunton’s of Reading Showmans Stove

Dunton's of reading do not need introduction in the world of horse drawn waggons. They were the 'Rolls Royce' of waggons with some of their models costing several times more than the average home of the period. No expense was spared on their construction and fittings.

I was appraoched last year by a chap that was restoring a Dunton's Showman's waggon and so I wanted to make every effort to save what remains there were.

Below is the before and after pictures of what was presented to me for restoration and the finished article.

Narrowboat back cabin stoves now in production

Please be advised we are now in production of authentic narrowboat back cabin stoves. These will be on a limited run basis and will be manufactured to order. Please allow 12 months for your order to be delivered.
More details are in the 'SHOP', please follow the tab above.

“Larbert” c/w Fiddle rail ‘back cabin stove’ SOLD

Larbert ‘Back cabin stove’

The pictured stove is an original back cabin stove from a working narrowboat built in 1909. These stoves were used exstensivley during the late 19th and early 20th century. They were smaller in scale than the "Guidwife" stoves commonly fitted to 'Butty' boats on account of the shallower swim of the new motor boats of the period.
Many different stoves are fitted to historic narrowboat nowadays but it is the likes of the Larbert that would have been original equipment on these early craft.

Our customers will be advised that O.J.Osborne & Co are now manufacturing identical stoves for narrowboat back cabins upon request.

All castings are in grey iron and produced locally from our own patterns. They are fettled, machined and finished in our own workshops. All sheet metal work carried out by ourselves and in stainless unless otherwise requested. Fireboxes are constructed from 5mm plate steel electronically welded for smoke tightness. Damper is 6mm plate with stainless steel spindle.
The fiddle rail standards are cast in solid brass from our own patterns with brass 'rope' tube suspended between.

Various extras can be added to the stove including brass door knobs, hinges and latch and/or polished mouldings hinges and latch.

Production models have lugs on the base to fix the stove to the hearth.


Width - 19.5"
Depth - 16"
Height - 17"
Smoke box - 9"

36″ “Beetonette” c/w Sham Portable Range SOLD

“Beetonette” Portable Range

Carron Company were in their prime, the largest iron works in Europe. They were know globally for their high end products and the quality of their iron. This Beetonette (name sake of the famous Mrs Beeton) is a fine example of what the world came to expect of the Carron Company.

The range has been fully restored with stainless steel, new grate and firestones. All other original castings are in excellent order and those that required attention have been restored.

This range is now fit for service once more and will continue to give its new custodians years of loyal service.

The flue box has been converted to received a modern 5" flue pipe.


Width - 36"
Depth - 16.5"
Height - 24"
Flue box - 12"

“Larbert” Showman’s Wagon Stove SOLD

“Larbert” Showman’s wagon stove

This is a special little stoves dating from the decades either side of 1900. It is of the type fitted to Showmans wagons of the period and has all the embelishment that you would expect of such lavish living quaters. These ranges are possibly rarer than the more commonly found 'Hostess' ranges. They are similar in design though the Larbert has a slightly smaller oven and far more ornate mouldings.

This range has had many new castings including top plate, hot plates, flue box and soot doors. The firebox has also been repalced and new firestones fitted. The grate is original and still in reasonable order and new ones are available at £100 plus P&P.

The oven and ash pan have been replaced with stainless steel and two new oven trays have been supplied.

All mouldings, strap hinges and banjo latch have been polished to a high finish as per the original stove.


Width - 19.5"
Depth - 16.5"
Height - 23.5"
Flue box - 10"

A few new arrivals

There has been a lot of coming and going at the workshop of late and I will try to bring this blog up to date over the coming weeks.
Here is three pictures of some ranges that arrived this week. A very nice 'Mrs Sam' type range manufactured by Dobbie Forbes Ltd, a Larbert with boiler by the same and a lovelly little "Nipper" stove from Lane & Girven.

Larbert “Gypsy Queen” Portable Range with boiler SOLD

I've been holding onto this range for a while as I think it's just brillaint but I can't keep them all!
It is unusal to have a range at 30" wide with a boiler to it is perfect for a space where size is of a premium but utility is important.
This is another offering from the Larbert foundry though no history of the local supplier is know. "Gypsy Queen" is obviously a brand name that has been given to this particular type of range and it suggests that perhaps it was intended for the horse drawn community.
The range is very original but has been restored to a high. Stainless steel oven and ash pan have been fitted as well as a new galvanised boiler to replace the missing iron arrangement. A replacement but period cock has been fitted to the boiler and lightly polished.
New firestones have been fitted as well as a new grate.
The pictures speak for themselves on this one!

Width - 30"
Depth - 17"
Height to top plate - 24"
Smoke box - 12"