Short film

Below is a link to a short film made about Osborne Restoration by the fantastic OnPar Productions based in Cardiff. The team were here for several long days and dig an excellent job, we can't thank them enough! For further information on OnPar Productions see;

1840s Midlands open range, Matlock Bath

An impossible restoration

This was a very challenging restoration but one we took great pleasure in. The building is an old toll house on a steep hill above Matlock Bath built in 1812. The remains of this range were found behind some wood cladding and the chimney had been completely filled with rubble. The range had evidently been smashed up before being used to fill the hole. We carefully went through the debris and managed to find around 80% of the range. I carefully laid it out and found the two front plates to be complete enough to attempt to piece them back together. After a lot of careful work and several patterns made to replace missing piece the front plates were saved. A new top plate was produced as well as a set of firebars and a grate to match the fragments of the originals we found. The fall bar is original is the boiler and oven.
The range is now back in place and as you can see from the picture it draws very well.

18th Century roasting range and Herald closed range for No15 Great Pultney Street

We completed this job late last year for a hotel at No15 Great Pultney Street, Bath. The building dates from 1780s but was converted into a hotel in circa 1920. In the basement the original arched recess was still present (albeit bricked up) from the original roasting range whilst the space to its right had been squared off to take a closed range at some point. Both recesses were restored and I drew up a proposal to acknowledge the two significant dates in this building history that were of significance to its new custodians.
I suggest we make a replica of a roasting range from the 1780s to honour the buliding origins and secondly to install a closed range dating from circa 1920 to recognise when the building use changed into what it is today.
I sourced a "Herald" range by Russell & Sons since the brother of the firm ran the "Iron & Marble Co" in nearby Bristol and the "Herald" and "Gradient" ranges were stocked by them so its presence in such an establishment would be likely.
The 18th century roasting range was fabricated entirely by ourselves although the budget did not allow for the level of authenticity we would have hoped for. Nonetheless we feel the overal impression is very effectively and does justice to the building providence.

Plaster casts of Coalbrookdale Midlands range

Plaster casts

I took these plaster casts from an especially nice example of a Coalbrookdale 'Midlands' or open range dating from the 1840s. These ranges are known for their highly decorative design as you can see from the casts. I will be making these into patterns so I can make replicas of this design in the future. To find such a range as this in this condition is extremely rare so I couldn't let it pass through the workshop without preserving this stunning design.