A few new arrivals

There has been a lot of coming and going at the workshop of late and I will try to bring this blog up to date over the coming weeks.
Here is three pictures of some ranges that arrived this week. A very nice 'Mrs Sam' type range manufactured by Dobbie Forbes Ltd, a Larbert with boiler by the same and a lovelly little "Nipper" stove from Lane & Girven.

1830/40s Coalbrookdale range

Here we have something really special. This is a very early cooking range of the Coalbrookdale company. It has an adjustable fire cheek so the size of the fire can be increased or reduced for different purposes. Adjustment is via a rack and pinion system that is controlled with a crank handle that fits into a socket on the left hand side sham.
This range also comes with a large wrought iron chimney crane for hanging pots/ griddle/ pans etc over the fire.
The depth of the releif and gauage of the castings shows its quality and it goes without saying that this would have been a very expensive piece of apparatus back in the day.
Follow the 'Contact' tab above if you are interested in this range.

Bandera patterns takig shape

Here we have some images from the restoration of the Bandera stove. As you can see from the pictures the back plate was completely rotten and so a new pattern has been made. The iron casting will of course follow. Likewise the front plate and the side of this little stove have also required new patterns. A mock up of the stove is pictures here assembled on the original base plate.

Bandera stove restoration

I don't think I have ever seen a stove in such a state! This little Bandera stove from Smith and Wellstood's Columbian Stove and Iron Works has certainly seen better days. It dates to the 1920s and has been used daily up until recently. It was originally fitted to a traction engine's living van and it will be returning there in the next few weeks.
Watch this space for updates on the extensive restoration of this little range including new patterns and casting for the top plate, front plate, rear, complete oven, grate hanger, damper assembly etc etc!

The “Wellstood” range

This fantastic "Wellstood" cooking range arrived at my workshops yesterday evening. The "Wellstood" was the top of the range appliance from the famous 'Smith & Wellstood' company at the time and their ranges could be found in many of the larger establihsments around the Bristish Isles and beyond. This one is in pretty reasonable order but will be restored to the high standard that it is deserving of.
The other image shows an engraving from an original catalogue of the a very similar model.

Diamond stove in stock

I recently go this 'Diamond' stove in stock by the Columbian stove and iron works of Smith and Wellstod. It would be well at home in a boat, waggon or van. If you are interested in this stove do get in touch as it won't be around for long!

Back cabin stove for narrowboat ‘Dane’

Here are some patterns that I have prepared this week for a back cabin stove in the narrowboat 'Dane' (1909). The stove is incredibly rare these days but would have once been found in most of the motor boats of the early 20th century.
I am doing a lot of work to this range at present so further updates will follow.

Larbert for Duntons Showmans van

Here we have some of the remains of the a (once) lovely little 20" Larbert range that once lived in a early 20th c Duntons showmans wagon. The wagon itself is extremely rare and is currently under going restoration.
The range is a real mess and has been left with soot and damp in it since the 1960's hence the condition of the parts in the pictures. There is some extensive pattern making to do to get this little range back together again but it is not beyond hope. I hope to have this range fit for service early in the new year so watch this space.