Narrowboat back cabin stoves now in production

Please be advised we are now in production of authentic narrowboat back cabin stoves. These will be on a limited run basis and will be manufactured to order. Please allow 12 months for your order to be delivered.
More details are in the 'SHOP', please follow the tab above.

A few new arrivals

There has been a lot of coming and going at the workshop of late and I will try to bring this blog up to date over the coming weeks.
Here is three pictures of some ranges that arrived this week. A very nice 'Mrs Sam' type range manufactured by Dobbie Forbes Ltd, a Larbert with boiler by the same and a lovelly little "Nipper" stove from Lane & Girven.

Diamond stove in stock

I recently go this 'Diamond' stove in stock by the Columbian stove and iron works of Smith and Wellstod. It would be well at home in a boat, waggon or van. If you are interested in this stove do get in touch as it won't be around for long!

Back cabin stove for narrowboat ‘Dane’

Here are some patterns that I have prepared this week for a back cabin stove in the narrowboat 'Dane' (1909). The stove is incredibly rare these days but would have once been found in most of the motor boats of the early 20th century.
I am doing a lot of work to this range at present so further updates will follow.

24″ Guidwife back cabin stove

This nice littel 24" Guidwife back cabin stove just came into stock. They were commonly found in the back cabins of working narrowboats. We manufacture the correct type of fiddle rail and this will be refitted to the range during restoration. If you are interested please do get in touch since these stoves don't come up very often!