…and another Beetonette!

As quick as I can get them out the door another one appears! Here is another Beetonette that has come in for restoration. It's a 1930s model and features some very nice simplistic Art Deco stylings. It is in pretty good condition aswell with only the oven trivet and door release missing. I'm looking forward to seeing this one complete again.

Beetonette diffuser plate and firestones

I've now finished the Beetonette so it is patiently waiting to be collected by the couriers this week. Here is a quick pic of the finished internals. All firebox plates are new save the one of the boiler side, the whole damper assemply is also new as is the grate, oven and diffuser plate. This one was a big job to get back together again!

The pesky Beetonette is nearing completion

The end is in sight! Here I have mocked up the Beetonette before its final assembly. There is barely an item on this range that hasn't be repaired or renewed. The problem was that the damage was cunningly hidden beneath layers of body filler and paint so its true condition could not be perceived until it was blasted. Almost all the external panels were in reasonable order so the damage was largely limited to the internal workings. The top plate however was in nine separate piece and took more than a few hours to put right again! - Note the rather grand nickel plated knobs, vent and tap.

Beetonette Boiler range in stock

I just got this Beetonette boiler range in stock. Its in pretty good nick but not looking its best at the moment. Underneath that black paint it is actually pink with red fleck vitreous enamel with nickel plated handles and probably a nickel plated top plate as well! It must have a looked quite something in its day. Sadly I very much doubt if the enamel will be in good enough condition to save- pink is an acquired taste as well!
The good thing about enamelled ranges is that when the enamel is removed the iron beneath is as it was when first cast so this range will look really grand once restored.
The Beetonette range is made by the famous Carron Company of Stirlingshire so it comes with providence.
If you are interested in this range do get in touch as it won't be around for long!