Short film

Below is a link to a short film made about Osborne Restoration by the fantastic OnPar Productions based in Cardiff. The team were here for several long days and dig an excellent job, we can't thank them enough! For further information on OnPar Productions see;

18th Century Range

I'm currently working on a decorative replica of a late 18th century range for a hotel on Great Pultney Street, Bath. It is loosely based on the one present at No1 The Circus, Bath. Although the budget did not allow for it to be faithful to the original design of these early range grates I feel we have managed to create an authentic aesthetic that will be a compliment to the building and a nod to its working past. Here is the range at No1 and mine slowly taking shape.

Narrowboat back cabin stoves now in production

Please be advised we are now in production of authentic narrowboat back cabin stoves. These will be on a limited run basis and will be manufactured to order. Please allow 12 months for your order to be delivered.
More details are in the 'SHOP', please follow the tab above.

Cornish range in stock

Here we have a fantastic Cornish Range that came into stock recently. These ranges are some of my favourites so when they come up for sale I always go for them. This one is particularly nice as it has an excess of brass ornamentation. The amount of brass on your range represented your status so this must have come from a fairly well off cottager family.
These ranges are unique to Cornwall and rarely found elsewhere.
Do get in touch if you are intertested in this range as I doubt it will be around for long!

Belle Portable- Old and new

Here is a customers Belle Portable in the final stages of the restoration. As you can see the majority of the top plate is new, the right hand side top plate insert, and both smoke box shells. The original parts that were in good condition have been retained. I can supply new castings for most cooking ranges so do get in touch if your range is damaged or has missing parts.