A few new arrivals

There has been a lot of coming and going at the workshop of late and I will try to bring this blog up to date over the coming weeks.
Here is three pictures of some ranges that arrived this week. A very nice 'Mrs Sam' type range manufactured by Dobbie Forbes Ltd, a Larbert with boiler by the same and a lovelly little "Nipper" stove from Lane & Girven.

Diamond stove in stock

I recently go this 'Diamond' stove in stock by the Columbian stove and iron works of Smith and Wellstod. It would be well at home in a boat, waggon or van. If you are interested in this stove do get in touch as it won't be around for long!


Here is a little "Nipper" that came in this week for restoration. It is having a new top plate and new flue box as well as the more general restoration work. The cream mottled enamel is in pretty good order and will be kept. This is a very nice example of a rare sought after stove and it was found at a car boot sale for £25 would you beleive! Don't forget O.J.Osborne & Co manufacture brand new "Nipper" stoves and they are available for £1500 in black lead finish. Enamelled finish is also available but please get in touch for a quote.

All stoves this week!

It's been all stoves this week with four fantastic examples being restored and ready for their new homes. The first is a 'Caledonian Queen' which is a great example of Art Deco designs in a stoves whilst the one next to it, a 'Queenie' is very much of the previous century. There is also a Tortoise No1 and Dumpy No2, both were used extensivley in Shepherds huts and Living vans.

New workshop

Well we have finally begun the move to the new (much larger) workshop so thank you to all those who have been patient during this time. You can expect big changes to the website, services and products over the coming months with some exciting new developments like the manufacture of very high quality replica 'Nipper' stoves, 'Hostess' ranges and authentic Larbert and Guidwife 'Back cabin stoves'! I will post with more details on this as time goes on. All the best. Olly

Guidwife narrowboat back cabin stove

To say these don't come up very often is an extreme understatement! Here we have a 24" Guidwife range exactly like those that would have been traditionally used in the back cabin of working narrow boats. It was found in the shed of a house in London near the canal when the owners moved in. All it is missing is its brass fiddle rail. It'll be on the bench for restoration soon!

Another range fit for service!

Here's another range beautifully installed on a live aboard boat. I can't claim the reward for this work but the range has been fitted with one of my adapters. The owner of the range had been looking for someone to make one for nearly a year when they came across the site!
The range is a Guidwife and a model often used on historic boats.

New (old) ranges in stock!

I've had a few deliveries over the last week and here's the result, you guessed it- ranges!

I tend to try and get my hand on anything cast by the Caledonian Stove and Iron Works so when this beautifully deco 'Dover' range came up I had to have it!

Secondly a very smart 26" Belle Portable with removable oven. These narrower ranges are increasingly hard to come by especially in this condition!

Next is a very nice but fairly rusty Larbert 410114 30" range, these are very pretty with their strap hinges and curve top oven doors. The firebox drop doors that are always missing will be replaced in the restoration with new ones that I have had cast in England from high quality grey iron.

Finally, here is something really special! It's a very nice little 24" model, the kind of stove that can be found in narrowboat back cabins but can also slip into many standard chimney openings. It's had a hard old life but we'll get him ship shape again before long!