Plaster casts of Coalbrookdale Midlands range

Plaster casts

I took these plaster casts from an especially nice example of a Coalbrookdale 'Midlands' or open range dating from the 1840s. These ranges are known for their highly decorative design as you can see from the casts. I will be making these into patterns so I can make replicas of this design in the future. To find such a range as this in this condition is extremely rare so I couldn't let it pass through the workshop without preserving this stunning design.

1830/40s Coalbrookdale range

Here we have something really special. This is a very early cooking range of the Coalbrookdale company. It has an adjustable fire cheek so the size of the fire can be increased or reduced for different purposes. Adjustment is via a rack and pinion system that is controlled with a crank handle that fits into a socket on the left hand side sham.
This range also comes with a large wrought iron chimney crane for hanging pots/ griddle/ pans etc over the fire.
The depth of the releif and gauage of the castings shows its quality and it goes without saying that this would have been a very expensive piece of apparatus back in the day.
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A quick Coalbrookdale resto

I was up in the Evesham area recently to tidy up a Coalbrookdale range installed in a 17th century cottage. The owner could remember her mum cooking on it up until the 1970's. With the planned work to the chimney it will be ready to work again.
The firebox cheeks were replaced with firestone to protect the existing iron work. The oven will not practically be used so we decided it better to preserve the range in this way rather than exposed the already damaged oven to more abuse. The brick flue was renewed and the hood was removed. After several hours of cleaning it was polished and came up a treat.