Columbian Stove Works, Fairy Range

For those who have expressed an interest in the Fairy range, cast at the Columbian works of Smith and Wellstood, I have posted here a mock up of how it will look. The range has been blasted to remove the original enamel that was way passed its best. The handles and name badge will be nickel plated as they were originally so it will look very smart when done. I'm snowed under with restorations at the moment so I won't get to this one until September time, keep your eyes peeled!

Guidwife portable range

I recently picked up this nice little Guidwife portable range. Guidwife was manufactured at the Caledonia Stove and Iron works of Bonnybridge Scotland that were affiliated with the mighty Smith and Wellstood Ltd and their Columbian foundry of the same location. Of the Guidwife range there were 144 different types with various combinations of ovens, fires, shams and boilers.
This Guidwife is in excellent condition (despite how it appears in the photo) and will be on my to do list in the next month or so. It was found in the staff kitchen of a large Victorian hotel in Oxofrd.

On board the Mayflower

On board the Mayflower

Last weekend we found a few spare hours and got down to Bristol harbour. The familiar smell of coal was in the air and we found the Mayflower moored up and under steam. She's the oldest steam tug in the world and was built in 1861 and saved from from the scrappy in the late 70's by a 20 year old lad!
If it had been left to British Waterways she would have been melted down for bean cans years ago.
Trips are £5 per person and she is crewed by volunteers from the 'M-Shed'. It's well worth the money and the crew are knowledgable and keen to talk. Check the 'M-Shed' website to see when Mayflower is next running.
Inside there is a lovely little range from the 'Colombian' works of Smith and Wellstood of Bonnybridge, Scotland.