Coats Portal Sapperton Tunnel

Rach and I were heading back from looking at a boat nr Wolvercoat when we decided to take a pit stop and came across Coate's Portal of the Sapperton Tunnel. Construction began in late 1783 and was completed in 1789, significant restoration works were carried out in 1777.
The feasibility of the restoration of the tunel has been verified despite significant damage occuring inside over the past century. At present however the canal is in poor order and the restoration works of the 70's are showing signs of age. It is a nice spot though. Hopefully one day the Thames and Severn canal will be back in working order.
There's a good article on the tunnel here;

This probably isn't interesting for most out there but I'm right pleased. I managed to take a day off work last week to attend to my poor old bench that I've had for years now. I built it before I started playing with ranges and it certainly hasn't coped well having them sat on top of it for days on end! So here's the (nearly) completed new bench (nearly) ready for action. Now I just have to figure out an easier way of getting the ranges on top...

Three men in a boat

Here I am in a freinds boat rowing in the Bristol harbour. Turns out I'm not a natural! We head up towards MShed and then put the sails up for the return leg. I'm no good at that either, beware the boom!