We've had another busy week with 1 Georgian register grate, 1 Belle Portable, 1 Cottage range and 16 forged shutter closers being completed ready for delivery today. The grate and range are being supplied with a pair of matching bespoke Bath stone surrounds and they'll look great in their new home! The Belle Portable has been fully insulated internally to make it's installation into a Ploughman's living wagon that much safer. The shutter closers work on the principle of snail cam, or more accurately a scroll cam. The scroll catches onto a pintle driven into the window frame and as it is turned draws the shutter tighter in.

A few new ranges

It's been a busy week on the ranges front with two new aquisitions and two that arrived to be restored. The new ranges are the early Guifwife portable range below and a Belle portable and the restorations are the cottage open range below and another Belle portable destined to be returned to the ploughmans living wagon from where it came.