22″ “Norlond Belle” (Belle Portable) cooking range SOLD!!


22″ “Norlond Belle” (Belle Portable)

I've only seen a hand full of these little ranges in my time and its always a pleasure when I do. The 22" (wide) variety of the Belle Portable was the smallest size they made in this model so they were perfectly suited to applications where space is of a premium. This might be small cottages, boat cabins, living vans, guards huts etc etc. They still have all the practicality of their larger brothers with hot plate and rings for controlling cooking temperature and a fully regulated oven. All provisions are still made for cleaning the interior of the range as well.
This range has been fully restored with new steel casing, stainless steel oven and trays and new firebricks. A flue adapter has been fitted to convert the elliptical flue into a modern 5" flue pipe.

Width - 22"
Height (to top plate) - 24"
Depth - 17"

£2,300.00 GBP