36″ “Beetonette” c/w Sham Portable Range SOLD!!


“Beetonette” Portable Range

Carron Company were in their prime, the largest iron works in Europe. They were know globally for their high end products and the quality of their iron. This Beetonette (name sake of the famous Mrs Beeton) is a fine example of what the world came to expect of the Carron Company.

The range has been fully restored with stainless steel, new grate and firestones. All other original castings are in excellent order and those that required attention have been restored.

This range is now fit for service once more and will continue to give its new custodians years of loyal service.

The flue box has been converted to received a modern 5" flue pipe.


Width - 36"
Depth - 16.5"
Height - 24"
Flue box - 12"

£1,980.00 GBP