Antique “Carron Dover” stove SOLD!!


Carron Company is a well known name in the world of ironfounding and this name synonymous with fine iron castings and great design. The company has a long history and was founded in 1759, received a royal charter in 1773. It's products were shipped all around the world and they had become the largest and most successful iron foundry in Europe by the early 1800s employing over 2000 men.
This 'Carron Dover' (No7) bears all the hallmarks of this famous company and is presented for sale in fully restored condition. The stove has been completely dismantled and every parts has been blasted, cleaned, inspected and all damage areas repaired or replaced as necessary.
This stove dates from around 1910 and has obviously had very little use in its life as all the existing components are still in very good order. The firestones have been replaced as has the ash pan but ever other part is original to the stove.
Dover stoves are of a very durable construction having cast iron ovens that take advantage of a greater thermal mass. These ovens will not need renewal like portable ranges of the same period. For cooking you will also find the temperature of the ovens easier to regulate.
Seven hot plates are provided and the oven and hot plates temperature is controlled by a simple damper arrangement.
The knobs and oven plaque have been nickel plated as per the original design and offset the crisp castings fantastically.
A damper is present in the smoke box but can be easily removed to comply with HETAS regulations.
The original poker is present and I have included a new hot plate lifter for easy and safe removal of the hotplates.
The stove comes with a collar to convert the flue to modern 5”.

To follow

£2,100.00 GBP