Antique Guidwife Portable Range SOLD!!

Guidwife range

Here we have a very nice example of an early Guidwife range cast by the Caledonian Stove and Iron works of Bonnybridge. This range is circa 1890-1900 and is presented in great condition. It was sourced from a 17th century cottage where it had been installed in an inglenook for decoration sometime ago. It had been kept dry and was regularly black leaded as can be seen by its condition. It's a bit of a rarity to find an early Guidwife and they usually attract a fair amount of attention when they do come up. This one in particular has beautiful quatrefoil motifs cast into trays before the oven and firebox as well as very nice arch topped doors with strap hinges.

As always the range has been completely dismantled, cleaned, thoroughly inspected and any required repairs have been carried out to a high standard. The back and sides formerly of 1.2mm sheet have been replaced with 3mm and likewise the entire oven has been renewed. The fire stones have been replaced and all seams have been sealed with a durable modern compound. The studs were also replaced upon reassembly and then the whole was polished with traditional black lead. I have seen every inch of this range and can confirm it is in good condition and fit for service.

Postage to most of the Uk comes to around £80 with higher prices for Scotland etc. Please get in contact before purchase for an accurate shipping quote however.

Please feel free to get in touch should you have any question regarding this range.


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