Antique Queen Anne or ‘Queenie’ Stove SOLD!!


'Queenie'. They were originally manufactured by Smith and Wellstood's 'Columbian Stove and Iron Works' but over time they were also manufactured by many other foundries in the Falkirk area.
This stove is the 'No6', the most common of the sizes and the one used widely in the bow top gypsy wagons of the early 1900s. This one is suited to this application well since it has a top exit flue rather than one at the rear. This means it can seat neatly back in the fireplace and does not take up much room.
This 'Queenie' has been fully restored with it having been completely dismantled, inspected, blasting and repaired where necessary. It has then been reassembled, fettled, sealed and polished and is presented here for sale in excellent condition. The original grate has years of service left in it but the firestones have been replaced with new ones.
The stove stands on three legs and has a cast iron ash pan and sifter within the ash pit. The ash pan cover folds up to reduce the draft when required. There are two hot plates for cooking and boiling that sit below the decorative cover that makes the 'Queenie' so recognisable.
The output of these stoves is estimated to be 3.5Kw and will heat a small room or space very effectively. It can be run on coal, coke, smokeless fuel or wood with great effect.
All in all this is a fine example of a popular stove and it is fully restored and ready for use.


£650.00 GBP