Antique ‘Tortoise’ Stove No1 SOLD!!


C.Portway & Sons manufactured their 'Tortoise Stove' for nearly 100 years and this is testament to the effectiveness of its operation. Their tag line became 'Slow but sure' on account of the slow yet reliable combustion that their Tortoise stove achieved. Through this patented slow combustion there came a great economy in use of coals and so the stove found great popularity throughout the 19th and 20th century.
This example is the 'No1', one of the most popular sizes since it was small enough and light enough to be used in Shepherds huts and Living vans whilst providing more than ample heat for such a space. It was also beneficial in these environments as it is a fully enclosed fire that requires little tending.
I came across this stove in the disused offices of a large estate North of Bristol. It has had very little use at all and as such is in excellent condition. The firebrick lining and steel body are both original and in very good order. Unusually it still retains its ash pan as these are so often missing from these excellent little stoves.
There is one hot plate on top that can be used for refueling and also cooking or boiling. A hot plate lifter is supplied.
I have blasted the stove gently and then applied several coats of 'Black Lead (Graphite)' before polishing it back to its original finish. I'm sure you'll agree it looks just the part!


£780.00 GBP