Arden Hill & Co. Gas Radiator SOLD!!



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Arden Hill & Co. Gas Radiator

Items such as this are really quite rare so when I got the chance to obtain this one I snapped it up.  The only other I have seen was in a reclamation yard in Bristol but it was gone by the time I got back from the cash machine!

I can’t be certain of the age of this appliance but I believe it to be turn of the centaury.  Arden Hill & Co. applied for their first patent for gas appliances (in this case a laundry Iron) in 1885.  They exhibited some of their gas products at the British Industries Fair of 1937 including gas radiators, but the design and manufacture of this particular item does not strike me to be of that later construction.

I considered using this radiator as a workshop/ space heater for a time but it could be equally used as a patio heater.  It is easily connected up to an LPG bottle and has a universal push fit connection so all you need is the correct size pipe.  This radiator is jetted to be used with natural gas so the flame produced by other gases such as Propane or Butane will produce a different size flame.  I have experimented with this however and find the brass taps on the jet tube to be more than suitable to measure the flame and produce a controllable heat.

Everything is as it seems in the photos.  The radiator has been restored to a high standard and polished with black lead.  I have also attached a 3mm steel plate to the bottom to avoid things getting inside the appliance when it is burning and to insulate the fire area so as not to burn your grass for example, if it was place on your lawn.


H – 31″

D – 9 1/2″

W – 15″

£330.00 GBP
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