Art Deco ‘Caledonian Queen’ Stove!!


Throughout the 1920s and 30s Lane and Girven's famous 'Caledonia Stove and Iron Works' released a small number of stoves and ranges featuring striking Art Deco desigsn. This stove, the 'Caledonian Queen' is a very nice example of this period of design and would look fantastic in a property or wagon of the time.

I have come across this stove a few times before but this particular example came over to me from Ireland where it had been in regular use in a rural cottage. It's estimated to give out around 4Kw and will happily burn coal, coke, smokeless fuel or wood. I have also seen these stoves in Gypsy wagons and showman vans of the 20's and 30's. They provide a larger, more robust and versatile alternative to the now famous 'Queenie' or 'Queen Anne' stove.

There are two hot plates that can be used for cooking and boiling and the original hot plate lifter is supplied. The stove has been blasted and polished and since it was in excellent order and has required no repairs. The original grate is still in very good order although the fire stones have been replaced for new ones. The stove has been stripped, the fixing replaced, resealed and carefully reassembled. It has of course been finished in several coats of traditional 'Black lead' (Graphite) to give it the authentic aesthetic of the period.

The front door slide open so the fire can be seen and the ash pan cover folds up and so reduces the draft and burn rate of the fire. There is also a damper fitted in the flue should you require it.
In short this is a great and rare example of Art Deco design in a British made stove and it is fit got service once again.


£720.00 GBP