Beetonette with boiler portable range SOLD!!

Here we have a rather fine example of a Beetonette boiler portable range manufactured by the famous Carron Company of Falkirk, Stirlingshire. It dates from around 1910/1920 and has the cleanand modern (for its time) appeareance of Carron's castings from this period. The range originally wore a pink with red fleck enamel which must have been fashionable at the time but looked very odd in 2015! The nickel plated knobs, vent and tap have been replated and off set the black lead polish brilliantly. The range has had a very thorough restoration with special attention paid to all its workings. This has resulted in the replacement of the grate, complete damper assembly, a large section of the top plate, two of the firebox panels, the oven, diffuser plate and fire stones. I have also replaced the cracked cast iron boiler with a high capacity stainless steel type. The flap on the flue box has also been replaced and has been cast in iron from a pattern I made. As always the range has been dismantled, inspected, all required repairs carried out and then reassembled, sealed and polished with traditional black lead (graphite). I have also converted the original flue opening to a modern 5" flue whose arrangement is correct for HETAS installation regulations. Postage to anywhere in mainland Uk is £60 with an additional £20 to be added for central London and the Northen most area of Scotland. Dimensions; Width - 36" Height - 24.5" (to top plate) Depth - 17"
£1,950.00 GBP