Belle Portable range (Early type) SOLD!!


Belle Portable cooking range

This is a very nice example of the early type of Belle Portable. The main difference between these and the more common later examples is the fantastic fretwork to both the oven and firebox trivets. These were only featured on the Belle ranges for approx 15 years before they moved to the plain design.
These trivets would always have been polished and as you can see from the pictures we have done the same which sets them off very nicely
All the usual restoration work has been carried out including new back and sides, new oven and oven tray, new ash pan, firestones, grate and in this case an entirely new top plate has been fitted. We have cast this in from our patterns in quality grey iron so it is fit for service once more.
All repairs have been made, both internally and externally and the whole range has been finished in a traditional black lead polish.
This range is ready for use once again and will give years of trouble free service.

Width - 30"
Depth - 17"
Height to top plate - 24"
Fluebox - 12"

£1,520.00 GBP