Belle Portable Range SOLD!!

Belle Doug

This little range came from a cottage where it had been discovered behind a boarded up chimney. It had obviously been in daly use before it was retired as there was still coal in the grate! Ranges like this would have been used all over the country by many households and would have been relied upon for all the cooking duties as well as the heating. A lot fo people are surprised to learn that they are as functional now as they were then. They do not use an excessive amount of coals and will quickly boil a kettle.
To get this range back into working order it has been completely dismantled and every part inspected and repaired where required. The oven had been replaced as well as the firestones but the original grate was in good order and did not require renewal. It was then sealed and finished with a traditional black lead polish.
A hot plate tool is included in the sale price and adpaters to convert the oval flue to a modern 5" type are available in the shop for £85 if required.
Shipping to most Uk mainland addresses is £60 but please ring for a quote.
All in all this is a great example of an early 20th century range that is fully restored and fit for service once again.
H -24"

£1,380.00 GBP