Belle Portable with hot closet and fiddle rail SOLD!!


This one is a little gem! It's a late type Belle Portable with 'Removable Oven'. It didn't come with feet when I purchased it and the previous owner had thought it might have come from a boat because of this. I decided to fabricate a 'hot closet' for it based on some original advertisements of the same range with this feature. Couple that with a brass twisted fiddle rail and it looks a treat!
The range has been fully restored to a very high standard as usual. It was in good order when I received it so very few repairs have had to be made. A new oven has been fabricated as a matter of course and new fire stones have been fitted. The great is in very good order and the range features decorative cast iron back and sides as opposed to the more common sheet steel. New studs have been fitted and the brass standards drilled and tapped to receive them. They run through the body and are discreetly secured in the hot closet.
The hot closet itself is a steel fabrication with a Belle Portable handle with latch. It will not get hot enough to cook but is a convenient place to store pots, pans and plates.
All in all its a very up together little range in fine condition. Being a 26" model it is conveniently sized for use in smaller properties, bothys, narrow boats, shepherd huts, living vans, yurts and the like.
I'll leave it there and leave the pictures to do the remainder of the talking.


W - 26"
D - 17"
H -

£1,720.00 GBP