“Bungalow Belle” Cast iron cooking range with back boiler SOLD!!


"Bungalow Belle" Cast iron cooking range

I have seen many "Belle" type ranges and many more portable ranges of all shapes and sizes and for me this model of the Bungalow Belle range (and others like it) offers the most practical of them all. There are many features that are unique to this model that are usually only found on larger 'closed' type ranges and also later appliances like Rayburn.
This range has travelled all the way down from Aberdeen where it had been found bricked up in the chimney breast where it once worked. I have removed the motled grey/ blue vitreous enamel and restored it back to a traditional polished black lead finish. The cast iron beneath the enamel is in excellent condition and appears to be as fresh as the day it was cast having been protected from heat fatigue.
As with all my ranges this one has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected and any required repairs have been carried out. I have replaced the curved firestone in the back of the firebox whereas the cheeks are of thick cast iron. The range is fitted with a very nice copper back boiler that comes with its original fittings that can either be connected or used for reference. The boiler has been cleaned and tested for leaks and I have found none, it appears to be in great condition. The connections are of spun brass and the unit has been brazed together.
Through the various dampers the fire can be controlled to go around the oven, pass under the boiler, can be adjusted to moderate the fire between the two, can exit directly from the fire box, convert into an open style range or to run for economy. The hot plate above the fire is able to slide back into the flue and the damper box doors may be opened for either cooking before the fire or with the plate slide forward to control the economy and thus temperature. Adjustment is made by a neat catch to the left hand side of the damper box and can be set in various positions.
Both trivets/ basting trays are still in tact and the lugs are sound. The oven brand new and is nice and large and the original oven tray is included as well as the original tool for removing the hot plates. The range is fitted with three hot plates one of which has a secondary ring for controlling its temperature. All of the hot plates have legs so can be used as trivets for setting pans on or for cooking.
In short, If you are looking for an attractive period range but intend to use it for heating and cooking then this is one of the best options available to you. It is attractive, robust and has many practical features that make it a very capable range indeed.

Width - 35 1/2"
Depth - 19 3/4"
Height including flue box - 42"

This range can be set on a pallet and delivered to anywhere in the Uk. Shipping to London and the Midlands is approx £85 but please get in touch prior to buying to have an acurate quote.

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