Caledonia Stove and Iron Works Dumpy Stove SOLD!!


Here's a great example of a 'Dumpy' No2, this one came from the living van of a Aveling and Porter steam roller so I'm told. The van had sadly rotten away when it was discarded in Somerset but this Dumpy managed to survive. They were often used in the cabins of working boats, vans, wagons as well as offices and other small spaces. There is one in the front cabin of the 'Mayflower', the oldest working steam tug in the world that can be seen in Bristol harbour.

This stove has been stripped down, blasted, repaired and reassembled with new fixings and several coats of traditional "Black lead" (Graphite).
It has an integral hearth that means it can be used on a wooden floor and it has iron fire bricks to radiate maxium heat whislt protecting the cast iron sides of the stove. There is also a hot plate on top for your kettle or pot.
In short a much sort after stove with lots of history.


£700.00 GBP