Early Larbert portable range SOLD!!


Larbert portable range

Here we have a nice example of an early Larbert portbale range. The design of these ranges date from 1894 and this one will have been manufactured within 15 years of that date.
Larbert portable ranges are easy to recognise due to their semicircular smoke boxes, fine strap hinges and intricate oven trivet design. They are one of my favourite ranges of this type so it is always a pleasure to restore one.
All the usual work has been carried out to this range including being full dismantled, blasting, inspection, repair and/or renewal of every part. It has been carefully assembled, sealing all internal parts to maximise draw and taking special care of the fit of all locating parts to assure it is as smoke tight as possible.
The oven and ask pan have been replaced with stainless steel to give years of maintenance free service. The firestones have also been replaced as well as the damper.
All in all this is a nice example of an early Larbert that is in perfect working order and is ready for service. This will give years of trouble free service.
Width – 30”
Depth – 17”
Height to top plate – 24”
Smoke box – 12”

£1,450.00 GBP