Guidwife portable cooking range LH flue SOLD!!

Here is another of the famous 'Guidwife' portable ranges! This one dates from the turn of the century and like most of its cousins it harks from the Falkirk area, this time from the Caledonian Stove and Iron works. This range came to me with no legs so the previous owner beleived it had come from a boat although I am not sure of that fact. I have fitted some new legs as well as a new flue box and new grate since both of the previous two items were beyond repair. New firestones and a new oven were also fitted in the process as can be seen in the photos. As usual the entire range has been stripped, cleaned, inspected, repaired in every detail and rebuilt again having been properly sealed and polished in the process. What we are left with is a very nice example of a circa 1900 Guidwife range is working order. This period for of range was particually nice as the construction is more robust than the earlier examples and yet it retains the strap hinges and decorative mouldings. The detailing is very bold and deep compared to others and as such they tend to remain in a very presentable order. A feature that I particulaly like that is unique to this model is the 'toaster'. It is a small iron plate on the fire trivet, pierced with the same quatrefoil emblems as on the oven trivet. When required it flips up and bread can be lent against it and toasted in front of the firebox. Its distance from the fire can be adjusted to control the temperature. Dimensions; H - 24" (To top plate) D - 16" W - 30"
£1,380.00 GBP