Ideal Domestic No. 4D Water Boiler SOLD!!

Well here's something special! Ideal domestic have been around since the early 1900's and have released some pretty striking appliances. Although their products have historically been functionalist there is something really attractive in their functionalist designs. I understand this boiler’s looks probably aren't for everyone but personally, I think it looks incredible and if I had a place to put it I wouldn't be selling it! This particular boiler is one of their largest models and used to heat a three story Victorian furniture shop in North Wales. When the shop was closed and subsequently converted this boiler was removed and stored until I cam across it. I have spent a lot of time getting this boiler back up to scratch. The whole boiler has been carefully blasted and revealed the iron to be in good order. The water jacket has been cleaned and inspected and is of one piece cast iron and in very good condition. Estimated wall thickness is 1/4" sides and 3/8" bottom and top so years more service left in it. This appliance really was built to last! The jacket sits on a large cast iron hearth with removable ashpan at the front. Almost every stud and screw has been removed, new ones made, and threads repaired or replaced where required. All joints have been thoroughly cleaned, new gaskets made and dry joints sealed with fire rope and durable high temp sealant. The draft regulator and damper have both been restored to working order although the damper will be removed before sale unless specifically required by the new owner. The original pipe work has been left in place but can be swapped to the other side if required. A drain plug is present and tap to draw off how water. Both have been restored and are in working order. It is difficult to gauge the capacity of such a boiler but I would think it is capable of heating up to six radiators judging by the size of the water jacket but perhaps even more. This would be of great use to someone that wants to live off grid or in a remote area. The boiler will be an excellent space heater, will provide ample hot water and will burn anything you put in it although will be most happy running on coke or anthracite. Feel free to ring or email should you have any enquiries. Dimension; Height to top plate - 22 1/2 Top plate width - 19 1/2 Depth - 24" + 6" for ash pan Hearth width - 21"
£720.00 GBP