“Larbert” c/w Fiddle rail ‘back cabin stove’ SOLD!!


Larbert ‘Back cabin stove’

The pictured stove is an original back cabin stove from a working narrowboat built in 1909. These stoves were used exstensivley during the late 19th and early 20th century. They were smaller in scale than the "Guidwife" stoves commonly fitted to 'Butty' boats on account of the shallower swim of the new motor boats of the period.
Many different stoves are fitted to historic narrowboat nowadays but it is the likes of the Larbert that would have been original equipment on these early craft.

Our customers will be advised that O.J.Osborne & Co are now manufacturing identical stoves for narrowboat back cabins upon request.

All castings are in grey iron and produced locally from our own patterns. They are fettled, machined and finished in our own workshops. All sheet metal work carried out by ourselves and in stainless unless otherwise requested. Fireboxes are constructed from 5mm plate steel electronically welded for smoke tightness. Damper is 6mm plate with stainless steel spindle.
The fiddle rail standards are cast in solid brass from our own patterns with brass 'rope' tube suspended between.

Various extras can be added to the stove including brass door knobs, hinges and latch and/or polished mouldings hinges and latch.

Production models have lugs on the base to fix the stove to the hearth.


Width - 19.5"
Depth - 16"
Height - 17"
Smoke box - 9"

£2,950.00 GBP