Larbert ‘Isis’ Portable Range SOLD!!


Dobbie Forbes Ltd didn't just manufacture the 'Larbert' range but had various other models including this one that is marketed as the "Icis" and dates from the early 1900s.
Like the 'Larbert' this "Icis" range has a much larger firebox than that of the Belle Portable or Guidwife for example. This means they are more popular for those who choose to burn wood rather than coal. I have therefore supplied this range with cast iron firebricks instead. This means they are only 12mm thick rather than 30mm so the firebox is larger still. This also has the added benefit of having more thermal mass than modern firebrick and therefore has a slightly greater amount fo radiaited heat.
This range is no exception to my thorough restorations and has been fully rebuilt with several new parts. I have used stainless steel to replace the oven and ash pan and the body has been reskinned with sheet steel twice the thickness of that used originall.
This range will give years of trouble free service.

Width - 36"
Depth - 17"
Height to top plate - 24"
Smoke box - 12"

£1,800.00 GBP