Larbert portable range with boiler SOLD!!


Well this range arrived in an awful state and it has taken no small amount of time to get it back up to standard. It had been sitting in a barn prior to my receiving it and it looked as though whilst there something large and heavy may have got a bit too close!
The design for these Larbert ranges is registered to 1896 so its' been a fair old while since it left the Larbert works of Dobbie Forbes Ltd, Stirlingshire. In my opinion they are one of the prettiest of the portable ranges with there curve edged relief castings and riveted strap hinges. Boiler ranges are always popular since they make more practical use of the heat of the fire and because they look great!
This range has had a new oven fabricated and new back and sides made from 3mm steel and finished in high temperature paint. All damage has been repaired and new parts fitted where required. This includes a new boiler made from stainless steel, two hot plates, trivets hooks, fire door and top plate inspection cover. The later cast in the Uk from grey iron. I have also fitting new fire stones and a new ash pan. All joints have been sealed and the whole finished in several coats of traditional black lead.
In short this range is present for sale in great condition and is fit for service once more.
The usual price for such a range would be £1500 but I have reduced this price by £120 on account of the pitting to the boiler top plate and a small chip from one of the feet at the rear. The later cannot be seen once installed and the former does not effect the running of the range in any way.

Width - 36"
Depth - 16 1/2"
Height - 24 1/2"

£1,850.00 GBP