Mid 19th century open range!!


Here we have a beautiful little open range that originally served its life in a lock keepers cottage on the canal side. Such ranges were extremely popular in the period and would have provided for the lock keepers family all year round.

This example is preserved in excellent order and features stunning rose motifs on the oven, shams and back plate in deep relief. A very nice traditional wrought iron chimney crane with snub ended scrolls is provided and fitted to the back plate on cast iron bosses. This swings out over the fire to suspend pots, kettles etc for cooking.

The heat plate on the side of the oven is a new casting so will protect the iron oven for years to come. The original grate is present and in good order (not pictured).

The range is of course fully restored with every required repair having carried out to our high standards. All fixing has been replaced. The range is finished in traditional 'Black lead' (Graphite) to preserve its authenticity as a period cooking range.

We can provide timber, stone or slate surrounds made to suit this range. We can also provide slate heath stones and would be happy to quote for our full installation service.

Please note the price includes a new register plate that will be made to measure to suit your chimney.


30" Wide
42.5" Overal height

£1,980.00 GBP