Premier back cabin stove SOLD!!


This is a nice example of the ever popular 'Premier' stove. They are a reproduction of the famous "Niper" stove that was manufactured either side of the 1930's by Lane & Girven's 'Caledonian Stove & Iron Works.
I have never been impressed with the build qulaity of the "Premier" stoves that were manufactured for Midland Chanlers in the 1980s although the castings are very good. Everytime I get one I completely rebuild them to bring them up to my standard of finsih. This involves completely stripping them and replacing all the fabricated parts. I also swap the flimsy (and prone to seizure) damper for a cast iron one that will give years of trouble free serivce.
This stove has had all the above work done, a new grate, new firestones, oven, ashpan and three coats of paint. I have also fitted a brass fiddle rail that I have specially modified to suit the "Premier".
This range is now far better than that originally supplied in the 1980s and has all the charm of the original "Nipper" with less of the wear and tear asssossiated with an older item.

£1,600.00 GBP