The “Torwood Dover” stove SOLD!!


The 'Dover' stoves were the most decorative cooking appliances available during the early 1900s and they were also one of the most economical. Smith and Wellstood claimed that their stoves used just 1/3 of the coals consumed by the more common cooking ranges of the time. This was largely due to the presence of an air control and also the well designed internal flues that make best use of the heat produced by the fire. It is these design features that are found in this example, the 'Torwood Dover'.
It must be one of the prettiest I have seen. It was manufactured by Jones & Campbell at their Torwood foundry, Falkrik. The firm were more commonly known for the manufacture of the popular 'Belle Portable' range but their catalogue extended to all sorts of ironware such as boilers, stoves and other light castings.
This range is in excellent condition and appears to have had little use throughout its life. It has been removed from the 1st class carriage of a steam railway and so was probably only used on occasions.
It has several nice features such as the pedal door opener (foot controlled) designed so you do not have to put down the hot baking tray to open the door. There is an air control in the ash pit door and five hot plates and a secondary air control on the side.
Oven temperature is controlled via an internal register that is operated by a lever above the oven. There are several inspection hatches to facilitate easy cleaning and a fall bar to the grate to aid loading of fuel.
The stove has also been fitted with a stunning brass 'Fiddle rail' to prevent pots etc from falling from the hot plate. This is especially useful when the stove is fitted in a moving vehicle like train carriages, gypsy wagons and narrow boats.
This stove has been fully restored and finished in traditional black lead polish. Dover ranges have cast iron ovens and so do not require renewal whilst providing an excellent even heat for baking and roasting. Unlike the sheet metal oven of other ranges the Dover ovens will last for as long as the stove itself so are extremely durable.
This range will effortlessly give years more service if required and is a stunning example of fine British casting.
A new set of stones have been made but the original set are also present and included in the sale. An adapter to convert the the eliptical opening to the modern 5" is also present. A new cast hot plate lifter is also included.
Shipping to most places in mainland Uk is £60.

£1,985.00 GBP