“Larbert” c/w Fiddle rail ‘back cabin stove’ SOLD

Larbert ‘Back cabin stove’ The pictured stove is an original back cabin stove from a working narrowboat built in 1909. These stoves were used exstensivley during the late 19th and early 20th century. They were smaller in scale than the … Continue reading

£2,950.00 GBP

36″ “Beetonette” c/w Sham Portable Range SOLD

“Beetonette” Portable Range Carron Company were in their prime, the largest iron works in Europe. They were know globally for their high end products and the quality of their iron. This Beetonette (name sake of the famous Mrs Beeton) is … Continue reading

£1,980.00 GBP

“Larbert” Showman’s Wagon Stove SOLD

“Larbert” Showman’s wagon stove This is a special little stoves dating from the decades either side of 1900. It is of the type fitted to Showmans wagons of the period and has all the embelishment that you would expect of … Continue reading

£3,650.00 GBP

Larbert “Gypsy Queen” Portable Range with boiler SOLD

I’ve been holding onto this range for a while as I think it’s just brillaint but I can’t keep them all! It is unusal to have a range at 30″ wide with a boiler to it is perfect for a … Continue reading

£2,500.00 GBP

Larbert ‘Isis’ Portable Range SOLD

Dobbie Forbes Ltd didn’t just manufacture the ‘Larbert’ range but had various other models including this one that is marketed as the “Icis” and dates from the early 1900s. Like the ‘Larbert’ this “Icis” range has a much larger firebox … Continue reading

£1,800.00 GBP

Premier back cabin stove SOLD

This is a nice example of the ever popular ‘Premier’ stove. They are a reproduction of the famous “Niper” stove that was manufactured either side of the 1930′s by Lane & Girven’s ‘Caledonian Stove & Iron Works. I have never … Continue reading

£1,600.00 GBP

Early Larbert portable range SOLD

Larbert portable range Here we have a nice example of an early Larbert portbale range. The design of these ranges date from 1894 and this one will have been manufactured within 15 years of that date. Larbert portable ranges are … Continue reading

£1,450.00 GBP

22″ “Norlond Belle” (Belle Portable) cooking range SOLD

22″ “Norlond Belle” (Belle Portable) I’ve only seen a hand full of these little ranges in my time and its always a pleasure when I do. The 22″ (wide) variety of the Belle Portable was the smallest size they made … Continue reading

£2,300.00 GBP

1840s Midland Range with Boiler

1840s Midlands cooking range ‘Midlands’ ranges are distinctive for their elegant form and attractive designs on their sham plates. They are often embellished with highly decorative classical motifs in deep releif and and this early example is no exception. The … Continue reading

£2,580.00 GBP

Mid 19th century open range

Here we have a beautiful little open range that originally served its life in a lock keepers cottage on the canal side. Such ranges were extremely popular in the period and would have provided for the lock keepers family all … Continue reading

£1,980.00 GBP