Antique “Carron Dover” stove SOLD

Carron Company is a well known name in the world of ironfounding and this name synonymous with fine iron castings and great design. The company has a long history and was founded in 1759, received a royal charter in 1773. … Continue reading

£2,100.00 GBP

The “Torwood Dover” stove SOLD

The ‘Dover’ stoves were the most decorative cooking appliances available during the early 1900s and they were also one of the most economical. Smith and Wellstood claimed that their stoves used just 1/3 of the coals consumed by the more … Continue reading

£1,985.00 GBP

Caledonia Stove and Iron Works Dumpy Stove SOLD

Here’s a great example of a ‘Dumpy’ No2, this one came from the living van of a Aveling and Porter steam roller so I’m told. The van had sadly rotten away when it was discarded in Somerset but this Dumpy … Continue reading

£700.00 GBP

Belle Portable Range SOLD

This little range came from a cottage where it had been discovered behind a boarded up chimney. It had obviously been in daly use before it was retired as there was still coal in the grate! Ranges like this would … Continue reading

£1,380.00 GBP

Queen Anne No. 7 Replacement Grate

These stoves have become more and more popular as time as gone on and like everything the more they are used the quicker they wear out. Grates and fire stones are essentially service parts and would have been commonly available … Continue reading

£110.00 GBP

Queen Anne No7 Stove hot plate finial

These hot plate finials always seem to be missing from the Smith and Wellstood ‘Queene Anne No7′ stove (often called ‘Queenie stoves’. I have a Queenie and when I purchased it the finial was missing, it took me nearly seven … Continue reading

£165.00 GBP

Larbert portable range with boiler SOLD

Well this range arrived in an awful state and it has taken no small amount of time to get it back up to standard. It had been sitting in a barn prior to my receiving it and it looked as … Continue reading

£1,850.00 GBP

Victorian ‘Cottage’ open range SOLD

This type of range was generally refereed to as a ‘Cottage’ range. They appear similar to their larger cousins in design but they’re proportions are small by comparison. They are always far prettier than other ranges of they’re type as … Continue reading

£630.00 GBP
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Antique Guidwife Portable Range SOLD

Here we have a very nice example of an early Guidwife range cast by the Caledonian Stove and Iron works of Bonnybridge. This range is circa 1890-1900 and is presented in great condition. It was sourced from a 17th century … Continue reading

£0.00 GBP

Ideal Domestic No. 4D Water Boiler SOLD

Well here’s something special! Ideal domestic have been around since the early 1900′s and have released some pretty striking appliances. Although their products have historically been functionalist there is something really attractive in their functionalist designs. I understand this boiler’s … Continue reading

£720.00 GBP