Gardiner Range in Situe

This lovely little ‘Gardiner & Sons Ltd’ open range was found behind a stud wall, in an old farm building destined to be converted into offices. Rather than its discovery causing excitement, the developers were a bit miffed; the budget was already stretched. After a short talk we decided upon an in-situ restoration as the most economical way to preserve the range and make a feature of it. It was complete, but had obviously had some use!The range had been all but submerged by years of chimney refuse (including several ill fated birds). The oven door was snapped and the brackets connecting the right hand face had come away; meaning the entire facia had dropped on the right hand side. The fire brick was damaged and a new one would need to be cast. The damper plates were seized in the brick flues and needed releasing and cleaning before reassembly. The work took a single day and I believe this really shows what can be achieved on a tight budget!Gardiner & Sons Ltd of Bristol still trade to this day in the city and will soon be celebrating their 190th year.  The company now trades under ‘Gardiner Haskins’.




photo 3