Portable & “The Belle” Ranges

Portable Ranges & “The Belle” Ranges

You’ve found the home of the “Belle Portable” and all its many brother and sisters!  Portable ranges are called such because they are not built into the chimney breast and as such are ‘portable’. However, anyone who has tried to move one may think otherwise! These little ranges were the bread and butter of cooking appliances for the majority of households and first began to appear in the mid 19th century.  These ranges would have run all day every day cooking for the family and providing hot water for washing. Because of this heavy usage (and the sometimes heavy handed removal from their original setting) they tend to get damaged, have missing or broken parts or suffer heat fatigue.

Ranges such as these were also used in various other settings like Narrow boats, living vans, shepherd’s huts and showmans vans, workshops, guard huts etc.  Some like those used in Narrow boats had brass fiddle rails around their top plates and other embelishments, all of which can be provided by us.  The American’s got hold of portable ranges and made their own now reffered to as “American Ranges” unsurprisingly!  They often sat on longer feat and were more ornate in their design.

There were many manufacturers and as many styles but the most popular were the variants on “The Belle” range manufactured by Jones & Campbell at their Torwood foundary, Falkirk.  We provide a selection of parts and services specific to ‘The Belle’ range of ranges as well as many others and we are confident that we can resurrect your range to working order even if you think it beyond saving!  Below is a very brief overview of what’s available for all types of portable range.

  • Full restoration service available
  • Removal and replacement of back and sides
  • Removal and replacement of ovens
  • Repalcement of fire stones in the fire box
  • Welding repairs and ‘patching in’ of missing sections
  • Supply of new parts inc fire bars, grates, doors, trivets, ash pans, hot plates/ hobs, feet and most other parts upon request.
  • Adapters to connect damper box to flue pipe.
  • Grit blasting and traditional ‘Black lead’ polish
  • Full HETAS fitting available upon request

The name ‘Belle’ is often accompanied by a ‘makers name’ but this is most likely to be the name of the supplier.  Here are just a few of the names you might come across;

    • The Belle Portable
    • The Sussex Belle
    • Norlond Belle
    • Bungalow Belle
    • The Suffolk Belle
    • The Belle

Similar portable ranges can be found baring names such as:

  • Betonette
  • Larbert
  • Guidwife

and many others, all of which we can provide restoration services for.