We've had another busy week with 1 Georgian register grate, 1 Belle Portable, 1 Cottage range and 16 forged shutter closers being completed ready for delivery today. The grate and range are being supplied with a pair of matching bespoke Bath stone surrounds and they'll look great in their new home! The Belle Portable has been fully insulated internally to make it's installation into a Ploughman's living wagon that much safer. The shutter closers work on the principle of snail cam, or more accurately a scroll cam. The scroll catches onto a pintle driven into the window frame and as it is turned draws the shutter tighter in.

Belle portable range in parts

I just dismantled another Belle portable range ready for restoration and thought some people may be interested to see its various parts. This photo shows everthying minus the oven, trays, oven runners, a couple of hotplates and the hotplate tool. Now to remember how it all goes back together again...

“Bungalow Belle” Portable range nearly back together

It's all been very busy here recently and it has taken me this long to get the "Bungalow Belle" blasted, repaired and reassembled. Here is a photo of how it stands at the moment less its vitreous enamel finish. The iron under the enamel was like brand new, having not seen the light of day for nearly a century and it came up really nicely as you can see!

Guidwife portable range

I recently picked up this nice little Guidwife portable range. Guidwife was manufactured at the Caledonia Stove and Iron works of Bonnybridge Scotland that were affiliated with the mighty Smith and Wellstood Ltd and their Columbian foundry of the same location. Of the Guidwife range there were 144 different types with various combinations of ovens, fires, shams and boilers.
This Guidwife is in excellent condition (despite how it appears in the photo) and will be on my to do list in the next month or so. It was found in the staff kitchen of a large Victorian hotel in Oxofrd.